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Dec 5, 2012 11:30am PST
.4% -- 0.47% population growth and this allows for combined growth in the gam limit from the amount that you established last year of 2.53 billion to a new level of 2.63 billion for fiscal year 12-13. under the allowable calculations, we have shown that the budget for appropriations that are covered by this is at currently 2.47 billion, so this reflects a level still 168 million below the gam limit. if the city were to collect so much revenue that it was above the gam limit, the law would require us to either change the rates to return or some other way return that excess revenue to tax payers or go to voters to ask voters to approve an increase in the limit, but we have not reached that point yet. a couple of other points you might be interested in, we did look back at fiscal year 11-12 with the initial budget we expected to be well over 200 million below the gam limit, but 11-12 was a year of very strong revenue growth above our budget. but still, we still den end the year well within the limit, at least $70 million below the budget in 11-12. also looking forward even with our str
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
the best gam of the year in brooklyn, beating the nets and now face washington. david lee and seth curry stretching their legs or racing. don't worry. curry continues his hot hand. thompson knocking down threes. warriors led 28-21 after one quarter. landry providing offense off the bench. we'll have complete highlights at 6:00. >> second round of greg norman's shootout. a little rain in indianapolis. -- naples. peterson, tied at 15-under. 13th hole, sean hoe pair -- season o'hair for the french. the they're the leaders at 19-under and we will have your heisman trophy winner at 6:00. >> next time you're at the airport if you miss your flight airport if you miss your flight connection you could make a love you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being togeth
Dec 13, 2012 7:30pm PST
to sub institute counsel for times in the past week this is pure gams men ship she wants the delay. bell phases zero toll me that. he said you know the reason that i'm call you is to try and get a delay of whatever sort. that is what we want. we want the delay. >>> does anyone have any questions? >> no. >>> okay thank you you can sit down for the moment. all of you can sit down and is there any public comment on this item? okay so then commissioners unless you have further questions the question is before you is whether you wish to grant a continuance. >> yeah, i think that apart from the merits of the case that we are not hearing at this particular moment and time is what we need to decide is if there is good cause for a continuance in my mind that is the question and what i'm trying to narrow it too at this point in time and whenever it's advantageousous to have continuous is debatable and an interpretation of the loll that we will have to confront once we actually hear the case but i would canship client to grant a continuance and i would find that there is good cause gran
Dec 16, 2012 7:00am PST
control is back in the news. sthe contend shoes issue of gun control is back in the news. gam gam "the game." "good morning amer gm. >>> good morning, america on this sunday morning, 48 hours after the worst shooting at an elementary school in american history. this morning as the families of the young victims release a flood of beautiful but wrenching photographs, these question, how do you talk to your children about this kind of disaster and what, if anything, can be done to prevent this from happening again? good morning from newtown, connecticut, once again i'm dan harris, bianna golodryga is in new york. we'll get back to her in just a moment and we'll be tackling both of those questions in a moment but first we want to start with the latest developments. president obama will be traveling here later today to meet with the families of those who were lost and also to thank the first responders. he will speak at an interfaith vigil scheduled for 7:00 eastern. >>> we now know the names of the dead and we know that all of the 20 children were in the first grade born in 2005 or 2006, t
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
. it --- it will be historic. il: not partf this deal. >> it will b historic. >> it will happen. neil: opening ga openi gam bet x hikes. >> not hpening. neil: really. >> think about how student this is -- stupid this is, there is no need to raise taxes, you don't get enough money, there is no bang for the buc neil: it is going to happen, this is stupid, i know where you are going. time tlet g. somebody needs a hug. >> give charlie a ug. >> oh, charlie. neil: i'm not making a statement i'm telng you, this is going to happen. i'm not a fan of -- i'm worried though, again to rick a point, notwithstanding we'll not see the cuts, not inhe balance -- we have to see the cut >> it will defy -- >> you know walltreet should not have caved so ear. wall street ebled this proble then -- >> when washe last time, we had al, where you rse %-be cuts that cutsappened. to >> never. >> i will agree. >> the republican -- >> you are going to see ces in medicar n necessarilysee changes tha republicans -- >> don't believe that, how about obamacare. >> you mightee - >> come on! >> tiny. are you kdi me? >> i tell you, if it goes the wa
Dec 13, 2012 5:00am PST
figuras Ñoe queda el programa. hay que convocar. >>> hay que hablar con gano gam show. >>> >>> mejor hablo con emilio stefan nos cuenta como la fÍo la canciÓn la 2ki que tenemos muchas personas cuando te sientas con la familia y vienes un 25 de febrero y vez que tienes los hijos saludables. >>> uso una fusiÓn de estilos de primera. lucero es un encanto de personas. y es un placer trabajar con ella y jesÚs. y con que trae una fusiÓn buena como es fusiÓn rock. es una gran sorpresa. es una fusiÓn de muchos elementos. apoyemoslo, tu granito de arena puede hacer la diferencia. >>> todo comienza el viernes desde las 10,9 centro por univisiÓn que bien. gracias tony. le reiteramos ingresar a la the tono y lo importante a donar. pueden recibir los tratamientos que tanto necesita. son 28 horas ininterrumpidas con un gran sinnÚmero de artistas. que vanning a dar de su tiempo, amor y cariÑo. apoyar a estos niÑos y sus padres. de las 5 de la tarde a las 8 de la noche. toda la familia hispana unida. ojalÁ que sea el primero de muchos aÑos mÁs. >>> muchas sorpresas y momentos emotivos prepa
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
to the president's latest offer, when abc 7 news at 4:00 we talked about inside game@ú4d versus the outside gam. the out side game is played for leverage. inside is where real negotiations are taking place. >> in okay gress the american people have be scratching their heads and wondering when is the president going to get serious? >> democratic leader took the floor. >> he said he's willing to make some changes but it's important that any changes not hurt the middle class. >> the post you'ring went on this morning with only a rare glimpse the house of rep stifz empty. except for the speakers. this is the outside game talk consummation. >> it's just about post you'ring to get public opinion on your side as a leverage. >> we saw a little of that yesterday in the bay area with rallies organized by move on and labor unions calling on the president to stand firm against cuts to social security and medicare. as our abc 7 news political analyst explains inside game is taking place behind closed doors between high-level staffers on both sides, crunching numbers and floating possible compromises. >> i t
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
that they have been. >> investigators have arrested two 24-year-old brothers, victor and henry gam bow with an and 23-year-old an na. they are facing several charges now, including receiving stolen property. >>> the rain is tapering aufshgs but there is a lot of storm damage left behind. ktvu's mike is live now in marin county with the dangerous impact this latest wave of wet weather caused. mike. >> julie for one bay area family this recent storm hit a little bit too close for home, wind, rain, flooding, traffic, we seem to have it all across much of the bay area today. >> the rain fell some folks running others pulling out a piece of parp. the new storm system did bring out some umbrellas and also brought down the trees. in oakland caltran had to close one lane on highway 13 as they cleaned up the debris. >> a couple people came out looking for their cars. they couldn't really find it because they're under this treechlt you think the damage is bad here? it gets even worse in the city of san francisco. >> san francisco's russian hill. >> this giant crash, and i just thought it was an
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 10:00pm EST
. okay. mistakes were made. now what to do? a tour republican party sees this is a huge political gam, why don't they do smmething about it? >> the republican party is going to get blamed. if you look a all of the polling, the pure research, everyone is saying this is the republicanfault. i think at this point they need, he needed do what e di. that's all he could do. needed to p somethingor it. lou: we need to -- makes it sound as though, making it sound as if there is nothng the republicans can do, that it is noa maer that is, by default, one >>heepublicans are egaged command greek, and lf-destructive behavior. thateing said, they have not supported pro-growth, pro job creation policies involvin lower taes, stimulus, withh som semblance of motion that there has to be araise in revenue with a consistent, concerted foison message. because the republican failure, and it is an aject faile, the political gain ghost abroad, and the democrats. >> they're advocating for mor revenue. they're ding it their deductions and loopholes. lou: i i hear more about deduions and loophol. >> i know. >
Dec 9, 2012 4:00am PST
politics closely, it looks like the usual gam gamesmanship out of washington. >> i think it's -- i think the odds are about $5050 right now. very high for a negative outcome. there is a very good chance they go over the cliff at least for a few days at the beginning of the year. that galvanizes everything and they're finally able to come to a deal. >> especially when you see the economy just recovering >> that's the thing. the question would be, how much harm will this do to the economy? i should say, once you see that prospect of everyone's taxes going up, i do think that no matter what, by mid-january at the latest, you will see that tax rate reinstated for most americans. >> psychological lit's causing damage. confidence drop as well because of what's going on in washington. george, thank you. >>> today on the show, we got a big show, george has two powerhouse roundtables. later this morning on "this week." >>> time now for a check of the weather with ginger dee. >> most the nation is snow-starved. overnight, we're getting our first big meal of snow that is. sacred heart, minnesota, p
Dec 16, 2012 4:00am PST
there and his mother worked as a teacher's aide. according to add gam's aunt. >> i know she had issues with school. she eventually wound up home schooling him. she battled with the school district and what took place i'm not 100% certain if it was behavior. >> reporter: as a fuller picture of adam lanza began to emerge including his membership in the tech club, he was a smart but socially awkward student. >> he always carried a briefcase. >> reporter: adam's parents peter and nancy lanza went through an uncontested divorce and adam's aunt said that nancy had purchased so many weapons because she was concerned for her safety living alone. >> i think no reason why nancy may have had them for self-defense and no other reason. >> reporter: friends have told us that nancy lanza enjoyed taking her sons to the firing range for practice. >> she could have been there when he was learning how to shoot those guns. >>> so many victims to talk about. 26 innocent lives lost and, dan, i know you have more on that. >> yes, we now know their names. they are so young, all in the first grade, august of t
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
there in front. and that was the beginning. it was a vy serious gam i member that. >> rose: you took it seriously. >> you cannot imagine. you cannot imagine how serious it was. it was silence 234 my house. my house was, i don't know, 45 square meters. i don't know, there living my uncles, my grandparents, my parents. but it was a beautiful atmosphere. and i was say fog them you have to sit down and you have to listen my concert. or you have stop because i'm rehearsing now. and that was-- that was my life, what's rely, i was dreaming, you know, afr school to go back to home and to get my toys and to do my rehearsing. until i was 11 years old, and the conductor of the organize tra where i was playing, he was late. this was a youth children's orchestra, he was late. >> and there you were. >> imitating because we started that rehearsal. i was imitating. famous conductor and local conductors. and i embarrassed them, the mice row he is like this and then we started to work and i became a assistant conductor. >> you heard what sir simon said in my introduction to you. >> well that is not true. >> rose:
Dec 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
with a little reasoned gam nblg portfolios. it's not a curse word. remember, one out of every ten. i need you to stay involved. but you need to do everything you can to cut down your down side. if you want to play it i don't know if common stock's the right thing to do. what i prefer you to do is use deep in the money call options. stock replacement. it's a strategy i outline in getting back to even that gives you more bang for your buck in terms of capturing the up side but limiting your dollar amount of exposure or your down side. with virnetx i suggest buying the june 26 call options for 12 bucks. 36 plus 12. or 4 1/2 bucks about above where it is now. these options give you enough time to get a court decision. if virnetx wins stock's going a lot higher than 38 and if you lose you're not going to go to zero or anything like that because of the possibility of an appeal. that's going to maintain some wealth. but this way you don't take the risk of a total loss that sends the stock below, say, 20 bucks. alternatively, if you knew we were going to get a verdict by the 30th of march you could a
Dec 18, 2012 9:00am PST
and messages and or gam mi and flowers, you name it, just about everything. you see a lot of people with tears as they drop off what they brought. obviously some of the traffic with people from surrounding communities. next thing you notice is this. all of the media. people have come from all over the world to cover this story and they are set up right in the town square. right in the center of town. a place that is not used to seeing satellite trucks and this kind of media attention. boy, are they getting used to it now. another thing that you'll find amidst all of the traffic, take a look up here. police and orange cones and road closed signs, that is the road that leads up to the sandy hook elementary school. they're obviously limiting most of the traffic, not allowed to go up there at this time. that's the other area where there's a massive, massive memorial. i showed that to you yesterday. but one of the things that we do here from people, while everybody around the country and around the world wants to share and wants to know and wants to be a part of this grieving, and they're doing tha
Dec 21, 2012 3:00am PST
. >> the reason approximately obama will not do the gam numb style dance in public, it would embarrass his daughters. in an interview with the hollywood reporter obama revealed he has done the dance plenty of times in the private living room but sasha and malia cringe every time they see him do it. dan, just stop. >> isn't that what dads do all over? embarrass their daughters? my dad never did though. my dad never did >> bill: what? call foul on that? >> jason sweet never embarrassed me. >> bill: so let's come back to john boehner. the headline in "the new york times," boehner cancels tax votes in face of g.o.p. revolt. i think it's on daily beast this morning, the headline is gop crazies sink boehner. >> i think he has another brutal headline, boehner -- this isn't brutal. post. so here is what's interesting, one of the things that dick durbin said that i thought was so vivid in his image re this plan even if had it had passed was dead on arrival in the senate. but even in terms of boehner showing his muscle. i like what durbin said. he said this plan is
FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 10:00am PST
. there are such thing as digital mammograms versus radiological ma'am gams. -- mammograms. digital mammograms are in. people are getting virtual colonoscopies. there are far more risk in those procedures than in a colon as skoppy with a flexible scope. to get a digital readout is much more applicable and safer. we're very concerned about the confusion that surrounds a lot of this testing. a clear example is the psa or prostate test which many men don't get and many physicians are confused about actually ordering. heather: check with your doctor. that would probably be the best advice? >> that is absolutely correct. heather: thank you, for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather, for having me. gregg: a nuclear meltdown last year in japan after an earthquake and tsunami is now the focus of a big lawsuit in an american court. within days of the disaster u.s. relief efforts were in full swing. american sailors and servicemen risking their lives to help those who really needed it. now eight sailors from the uss ronald reagan are suing the japanese utility that owns the nuclear power plant cl
Dec 22, 2012 11:00am PST
. nasa says that's not the case. there's this very cool video called a gam malray burst when a star collapses and creates this black hole and in that process incredibly powerful rays shoot off. nasa says there's no sign this will happen anytime soon in a way that would affect earth. check this out on the screen behind me. this is, part of a spread we have that takes you through all sorts of dooms dalt scenarios going back to early days of painting. you can learn a lot about this. this is one of many things i posted up at my pages. take a look at the screen. facebook and twitter, josh i have great links for you all to see there. this is one more survey that we've reported on. one-third of americans polled by the public religion research institute believe the natural disasters we've been seeing are a sign that biblical end times are coming, and 15% of them believe the world will end in their lifetimes. so miguel, what this means, we can certainly expect a lot more apocalyptic predictions every day, every week, every month to come after i posted about this on social m
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am EST
due to lower spending from big gam blers. but overall revenue has remained solid. are you still going without the middle name? >> i have no middle name. that's right. >> except for the one that joe has given you. >> you have given me one. >> richard fing burnstien. >> no g. >> is that not sghool barrcool? barry, do you have a middle name? >> charles. >> what happened with you? do you have sisters? >> no. nobody in my family has middle names. my parents didn't. >> so this is a listening line of -- >> generations upon generations of -- >> generations upon generations. >> richard bernstein is pretty common. you don't put a middle name in there -- all right. china's privately owned dalian wanda group says it's in talks with a well-known hotel chains for acquisition opportunities in the united states. we just call it wanda. wanda has interests in real estate, tourism and department stores that bought u.s. based movie theater chain amc entertainment for $2.6 billion back this september. glad i know this so that when i see it i'll know what i'm talking about. wanda's chairman says his compan
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)